Tarot, Soul searching and Overcoming Fear

The perfect Saturday evening….


With Soul-searching, tarot and red wine. Magical.



I have been a little quiet here but there is a lot going on under the surface. I am deciding about the directions I would like the blog to take. What I really want is for this to be a place about bringing magick and enchantment into the everyday. Really living the path… a path of magick and enchantment, adoration and respect for the lives we live and the world we are in.

Possibly the most challenging barrier to living a life of magick is what hsppens when we feel fear. Fear creeps in when we least expect it, lurking in the shadows or growing in darker periods of self doubt and insecurity. Fear is not all bad, in fact it serves us, it is one of our most precious tools. But when out of balance fear limits, imprisons and erodes. Fear stops us from taking the actions required to living a life we love. Fear gets in the way, and sometimes erodes, our ability to live our true nature. It prevents us from living our Soul purpose, or even our ability to get in touch with what that might be.

I am working on a project that examines both fear and inner strength… bringing to light some of the magikal tools that can be used to gain strength and mastery over fears that are destructive and do not in any way serve me. I am wondering if this is a theme that might be interesting to you, my dear reader?

Are you interested in tarot? Would you like a post on the interperating flow, journey and movement in tarot through understanding movement generated by the number/pip cards?

I would love to read your comments and on any of the above subjects. What other themes are you interested in reading about?

I really appreciate you taking valuable time to read this, and would love to hear from you:)

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Have a beautiful, blessed, weekend!

Love Bridget xx