She is approaching and her presence is palpable.

I can almost feel the surge of energy, enhanced by the growing moon.

Now is the time for new oaths, new bonds, new promises. Emerging, rising, growing in strength, From the hearth ashes to the flame. The breath of new life, the Ace of Swords, Bridget sings, tantalisingly, teasing at my hair and clothing her laughter echoing in the cleansing winds.

Cleansing, purificaton. Imbolc is known to be a fire festival…a festival of light. Another side to Imbolc is the purification that occurs at this time. Darkness and coldness feel like death….and the distractions and merry making of yule are long gone. There is nothing like january to send you on a tranformational but ultimately healing journey.

Many talk about spring cleaning, without realising that the concept is in our blood, our inheritance. This time has always been a time of purifying rites, of making ready for the hard work ahead that will lead to abundance and joy. The Romans celebrated Juno Februa – a cleansing, post-winter version ofte Goddess Juno. The dreaming time is over and we are called to action. I talked in my last post about january, the new year in the gregorian calender, being too early for lasting results. In the middle of winter when the days are still short. Nights are long, winter is at it’s coldest, resources (energeticaly speaking, financially speaking and perhaps even spiritually speaking) are low. But it is interesting, isn’t it, when you look at the most common resolutions people have…. they often involve some type of purification. Loosing excess weight for example. Simplifying finances, reducing spending and excess. Having more organised paperwork, or a tidier home. It facinates me as I follow the year that mainstream society is often following a simlar path to my priestess path. On the other hand this is not surprising: Nature, the turning of the seasons the tides of ebb and flow is can be felt in all of us. Its who we are and we cannot help but respond to her call.

What do you wish to respond to week?

How will you utilise the growing light?

Is change afoot?

I’d love to hear about it!



Bridget x

5 ways to celebrate Imbolc this week


Often people get caught up in the idea that a festival must be celebrated on the actual Sabbat day. Which means that if they for some reason can’t celebrate a Sabbat on the actual day, they don’t celebrate it at all. And if they are not feeling the vibe that the season is supposed to be bringing, they may feel like they are not a true pagan/priest-ess/witch. So they just sort of hop over it. Then, feelings of guilt and frustration might set in. And perhaps, feeling undeserving,they walk away for the path, for a while. What a shame.

Others, myself included, consider a Sabbat to be a representation of a season or the turning of the wheel. After many years I find that I am often attuned to the energies and ebb and flow, whether I want to be or not. But sometimes it takes a little time. And that makes sense. When Imbolc comes around, should we all then be ready for initiation? Imbolc is tomorrow. Are we all feeling cleansed, purified ready? All of us the same time?

I try to prioritise the Festivals now, but when I cannot to this I will acknowledge them in some way. Then take the time to give the season proper attention when I feel ready, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to do so. If I am just not feeling ready I might spend some time examining my life…. current events, energy movement, focus, activities, and find out that (aha) actually I have been doing little purifications all the long. If time passes and I am never ready, then I need to work wih that stagnation. I might do a ritual around self inquiry and moving forward. But I will always try to celebrate in some way, at some point during the month that the festival occurs.

Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate Imbolc this weekend…..whether you are ready or not!

1. Clean something in your home. Honour the sacredness of your hearth in some way.

It could be your kitchen, a cupboard, your bedside table. You were probably going to do this anyway and were wondering where you were going to get the time to have a tidy home and be spiritual. Combine the two. Do it mindfully.Do with with love. As a priestess: offer this as a gift…to the Goddess within, to Bridget of the Hearth.To yourself.  Imagine: An organised bedside table drawer filled with nurturing things, just for you; for when times are hard or you just can’t sleep.

Whatever you choose: feel cleansed and take that feeling into the rest of your week.

2. Go for a walk.

Engage in nature, in the spirit of the season. Where to you see cleansing? Where do you see renewal? Where do you see transformation, small surges of growth? How has the light changed?

3. Carry out the most effective house cleansing ever

Imbolc is a festival of fire, but also the season of air. This can been keenly felt where I live. In february winds are typical of the shifting of tides in the Northern Hemisphere. Open all the windows in your home, just briefly. Invite in the breath of inspiration and renewal. Breath deeply. Feel the energy prickly playfully on your skin.

This is the best home cleansing I know of.

4. Light up the portals.

Traditionally women crafted more candles in the lead up to february. At Imbolc, or Candlemas, candles were burnt in each window of the home, as a welcome to Bridget as well as a celebration of returning light. Light a tealight or candle in one or several windows in your for a little while, and reflect on illumination and what this means to you. Obviously consider fire safety before you do this, keep an eye on the candles and do not take any unnecessary risks.

5. Embrace Bridget as Muse

Listen to the beautiful breathy voice of Enya. If you are not in a mood for transformation and reflection yet, this will do it! 🙂 And while you are doing this, consider one single thing that is no longer serving you. Release it from your life.

Warmest and Brightest Blessings for Imbolc,

Bridget xxx

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How do you celebrate Imbolc…please share ideas in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Between Winter Solstice and Imbolc


Kiss of death, Spark of hope

The battle of dark and light continues.

The time between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc is a time where I am ending the long period of examining darkness. In fact, its is probably the most intense period… a true moment of uncomfortable transformation that can send me into the depths of despair as I start cracking the seed-shell and grasping for some space to call my own. Space to root. Space to heal. Space to dream.

At this time I am perhaps not the easiest to be around, preferring to hold onto what little energy I have for myself. Spring will soon be on its way, and yet the the icy touch of Lady Winter is felt more keenly then every. She breaths sharply on any exposed skin, reminding me that, like the seedling, i am still vulnerable. Still mortal. Still deep. Her silence is palpable. I sink into her depths, whether I want to or not.

Each time I read about Imbolc and welcoming the spring; my Soul protests. The hope is there, but here in the North, spring is still a long way away.  I pull the wooly blanket tighter around my body. The eagerness and freshness of the New Year has disappeared. Like many other people, my own resolutions, all made in good faith, fall flat. I feel my resistance and I resent it.

How silly. How unfruitful.

Because when I walk outside it all becomes as clear as the frosty ice-blue morning. Understanding as sharp as the slants of light that cut through heavy grey clouds.

Now is the silence. The pregnant pause. The brink. Now is not the time for new life, for surging energy. No climax, no earth shattering change, no achieving the dreams of a lifetime. If an over-eager plant shoots out of the earth, lulled into a false sense of security by a few precious minutes of extra light, it will surely be killed by a merciless frost. No. Contemplation is needed. Awareness. Focus. Timing.

Few dreams will survive a harsh and abrupt birth into darkness and ice. Dreams, like seedlings; like babies, need to be coddled. Nurtured. Kept warm and cared for until the time is right to be gradually released onto the path of independence.

Now is the time for incubation. Now is the time to give love and care and strength to the tiny dreams that you wish to grow strong. Now is the time for ultimate self care. Meditation. Baths and Blankets. Duvet days.

We are approaching Imbolc. Then comes the time for surrupeptitiously sniffing the air.

But for now, sisters, brothers: we can allow ourselves to practice patience. Self nurturing and compassion.

Now is the time for dreaming in the dark.