6 ways to get unstuck – (Ostara)

You dream. You want. You find your inner flame and you drip with desire. Your true self is presented in the mirror and you stand at the magickal crossroads. The moon, full and voluptuous and luminescent shines brightly, showing the way. You are on the verge of finding the treasure, holding the Holy Grail, your cup filled. The path that calls you is just a step away.

You see it and you hear it and you can almost taste it poignancy, it’s ripeness now. You place your hand on your heart and you say to yourself; this is it. It’s my turn now.

That thought pulses through your veins and you know that you are on the brink of finding your core….

And then, right before you reach the cusp…. you get stuck.


The feeling sinks on you without warning, sucking you dry. Inertia. It happens to many of us. And the results can be devastating. It knocks you for six, you think too much, the fear sets in; you start telling yourself to be realistic; that there is no way, nooooo waaay, that you can do what your heart is telling you to do.

And yet… being Stuck is part of the process. It’s part of the cycle. being stuck allows for important down-time. Time to hone in. Time to know. Time to be silent.

I am very much a fire person. My sun sign is Fire, my moon is in Water.

I have a bit of a natural tendency to ignite quickly, burn hotly and brightly with enthusiasm, get very emotive and passionate and then burn out all my resources all in a short space of time. My exterior can appear calm as a still pool, guarded even. I have learnt to set up strong boundaries. But what is happening internally might be something else completely.

What happens when I burn too quickly? I get stuck. Inertia sets in. I burn up my fuel and my fire goes out. Washed ut by too much emotion. Blown out by too many airy ideas. And then all that is left is Earth. Immoveablilty. Oh how I i dislike that phase!

But the point is…. it really is just a phase. It is a useful phase. An absolutely necessary phase. I am learning to fall in love with it. Being stuck means essential down time. The ability to see what is right in front of my eyes. Grace. It is time to hone it. Time to collect resources. Time to know, Time to be silent, Time to see what is most important.

As Witches, wise folk, priests and priestesses, druids, shamans and magical workers, many of you will be familiar with what is often referred to the Witches Pyramid, or the Four Powers.

To know

To Will

To Dare

To be Silent.

These are the powers that help us germinate, grow, flower and bear fruit. They are the powers of air, water, fire and earth. When they are in balance, when they are all present, we are in touch with our spirit. We are in the flow. Everything just works out beautifully.

But before we get there, we need to move through the spiral of each.

For me,  being Stuck is earth. Being Stuck is rooting. Inertia is the power of silence, the stopping up, the deep dark succulent soil. The part where the other three…. will, daring, knowing…..are given space to emerge and grow. To percolate. To move forward you need to Will enough. You need to Know enough. You need to Dare enough. And there needs to be a space for that growth to happen. In is in the Silent phase that this can occur. The stuck phase. The inertia phase.

This is the hardest and most frustrating phase for my impatient, action-orientated ego. I am sure you often experience this frustration too. In order to master something, to manifest something, just as in the Charriot card in the tarot, you need all the horses to be going in the same direction. We need balance. And this is really a central teaching on the spirtual path that calls us. Balance of the elements. Balance of the turning wheel. The balance of the spiral… we’ve been here before but we are constantly evolving.

Here are  6 ways to move through the process of Inertia and get to the point where we can move forward:

1. Stop and Surrender

Stop. Yes. Just stop. Stop all the actions you are doing everyday. Allow yourself to Stop working towards your goals. (It’s just for a little while, it’s ok!). Stop wasting energy on berating thoughts of everything you haven’t yet achieved. Stop everything for a while. Surrender your ego, surrender your energy. Surrendering is a great teacher. it teaches us Wisdom. Compassion. Humility. all essential qualities of the Wise. Allow yourself to be in Inertia. Allow yourself to be in Stuck.

What happens if you don’t? Burnout. Depression. More inertia. The type of inertia that is out of balance and becomes less of a phase and more of a way of life.

2. Decide

Make the decision to Stop in an active and conscious way. You are not beaten. You are by no means giving up! It’s not that you cannot take action or are afraid to make a move. You are is this position because you need to be. Inertia has a purpose. Stop and offer your stuck-i-ness to the gods. Be grateful. Give thanks.

3. Rest

It may seem paradoxical but without this inertia you cannot move forward. Give yourself, your Soul, permission to Rest. To hibernate. Sleep. Do things that you like but do not demand too much reflection or energy.None useful, none productive activities. Allow yourself that, without guilt, without worry. Try to have a focus on the mundane world for a while.

4. Earthing

The power of silence is associated with the power of earth. The power of grounding. True grounding comes not from energy work, but from a connection with the every day. Find out what is going on outside you and outside your inertia. Have lunch with a none-magickal friend. I am so grateful for my none-magickal friends, they keep me balanced.Make a nurturing soup. Play with your children. Make love. Cook, shop, exercise, dance, garden, see what is happening around you outside of your soul work. Reconnect with the magick that is in the mundane, 

5. Silence

Turn everything off for a day. Or a weekend. No internet. No Tv. Phone calls only with dearest friends and family permitted. Sometimes our inertia has come about from bombardment. Everything fighting to get our attention and our energy. Often there it is too much air…to much knowledge… too much communication…..too many ideas and inspirations that is at the root cause of our inertia. We can’t move for winds blowing against us from all directions. Find sources of air that do not serve you right now. Turn them off, on by one. (It’s ok. It’s just for a little while.)

6. Consciously moving forward

Finally, when you have tried some of the about you may feel ready to get unstuck and move on. Then, and only then, find a quiet place, get a piece of journal and let your inertia be your spirit guide. Journey with it. Meditate on it. What has it taught you? How has it fed you? How has it served you and what does it want from you. What does it need? Where did it come from? Form a relationship with Inertia and ask it how you can now move forward, little by little.


With much love,

Bridget x

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