Samhain – The unveiling


After meeting the Horned God at the gate – she reluctantly walks forward.

The underworld can be daunting. Seldom has she felt herself so stripped, so alone. She is lost in the deep. She walks on, turning and twisting through caverns and tunnels, further into darkness. Reflecting over the cost and reward of sacrifice: the sacred mystery of the God at this time.

And she has been here before. The recognition ignites the familiar flame of strength within her.  She dares to go deeper;  Knowing  that the journey will lead her back to Herself.


They say that the veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest at Samhain.  It is a poignant time for many witches. We remember those who have moved on from this world, in love and grief. We also revere the unknown ancestors that live on within us. In our marrow. In our blood.

As  the light diminishes and the darkness deepens, Samhain is perhaps the time we most connect with our own inner fears and demons;  our weaknesses, our shadow. Emotional pain is common for those of us that live in tune with the tides. As trees are stripped of leaves to reveal their strong essence; we too can feel that starkness and chill of bones laid bear. The Horned One unveils what must be revealed. And what must die to make way for rebirth.

At Samhain we access the deep abyss: the void. Journeying in the below – the Underworld – we also gaze up to the eternal dark skies of Nut; the heavenly Goddess of planets and galaxies- the eternal silence before the formation of the Universe and life Itself. Humbled, we stare at expansion – our tiny-ness reflected in the glinting of stars. They are miniscule lights that mirror the burning hope within, illuminating  what is hidden. And so we connect – realising that we are microcosms of the macrocosm around us. We experience a primal knowledge that spans time and space and cannot be explained through language alone.

As above, so below.

Now is the time that we learn to tread in the deep caverns of our soul. The quest is ardorous – and sometimes we loose the strength to move forward – perculating in darkness.

But it is here we encounter the Dark Lord. He has much to teach us – and as we chase him through the canal or rebirth he shows us how to reign. We learn to battle our fears so that we gain power over them. We taste our mortality and we fear it not.

We face ourselves through daring to face him. In those eyes are both love and deep chaos. In this turning of the wheel he is wild and will not be tamed.  He is both Hunter and Hunted; Sacrifice and Strength. As the cold touches our bones the Lord can be felt, his presence palapable in the Halloween air.

As always, she is also present. We sense that we are deep within the mother/crone: womb and tomb.  The darkness nurtures our inner light.

In nature, it’s getting cold. Our misty breath reminds us of our own life force; and that the gods at this time offer at the same time; the poisoned apple and the kiss of life. And as the fairy stories fortell, we will slowly awake from hibernation and can experience the mystery that is carved into stone at Delphi.

Know Thyself.

Blessings for the Samhain season. May you find solace in the stars.

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