Autumn Equinox – The Descent


She quivers in apprehension. On a silken thread she spins: Cast around by the winds of chance, knowing that her destiny awaits. The cleansing spring rains, and the warming suns caresses are but a distant memory. She hears her destiny calling.

Above is the sacred tree from which she has grown and developed – her rooted foundation. Below is nothing. The abyss. The unknown. The deep dark pool into which she knows she must decend.

She looks around for answers. There are none. The fates weave their spell.

She breaths in and rests in that space. On the cusp. Hanging in balance. From way up high she looks down and relalises  that she no longer has a choice.

And so, in Perfect Trust; she releases all control. She lets go.


I could talk about the beauty of the season, the over-ripened succulent fruit. Cool misty mornings. The bright blazing leaves that will soon be a delight for the senses. But that is not what She speaks to me of now.

Underneath the usual business and activity of late summer, I start to hear Her. In rustling leaves, in sudden downpours, she makes her presence known. She calls. And she whispers words of surrender.

Years of following the path of a Witch has taught me that the autumn equinox this is not only the time for the final harvest. It is also the time when hard decisions need to be made. Death lifts her sickle and reaps, cleansing the path towards eventual renewal. As the equinox approaches, out souls begin to vend inwards.We prepare for decent.

The Equinoxes speak to us of balance. We pause in that liminal space. The space between the in-breath and the out-breath. The space in which we feel the push and pull of opposites: light and dark, love and hate, within and without, the chalice and the blade. The equinox is that eternal moment when we hold our breath before climax. Where as the  spring equinox teaches me the lesson of Mastery: The autumn equinox always brings with it some lesson about Release – about leaving something behind – and its is often this lesson that is the hardest one of all.

We do not know what will emerge in the darkness. We stand on the brink of a dark pool into which we will dive, willingly or unwillingly embracing our shadows as we fall into the laborous journey towards rebirth. The Lord of the underworld leads the way, and we have no choice but to follow: making sacrifices along the way and hoping that we will come safely through the other side.

As witches, we only need look to the myths to explain to us what is happening in our lives now. Stories offer us powerful touchstones of understanding. As Ishtar, we shed our veils, one by one, like the skins of a snake – our increasing nakedness and vulnerability illuminating our core, bringing us back to who we are. As Persephone, we experience the we are, against our will, thrown into the awaiting arms of darkness; there to learn rule our fears. As Demeter we emote, feeling the deepness of rage and the darkness of mourning and loss; only then can we learn depth of true love and joy. In the dark half of the year we experience the ultimate rite of purification.

The time of the Autumn equinox marks the beginning of the tide of Water for many witches. The world of dreams, deepness, succulence, flow, and stark emotion. For me, the beginning of this season always comes as a relief. There is no sense in struggle. Through embracing and welcoming this unknown season; through truly relinquishing control, I will learn to Rest. To Meditate. To go Deeper into myself. To Listen.

In the womb of the mother we learn deep trust, as well as an inner strength that is unshakable. Though we may be feel alone; it is only through surrender that we will experience the ultimate initiation.

I wish you a blessed Autumn equinox.